Port Kembla Coal Terminal - 
Upgrade Project

During 2012, Modular Movers were contracted to install a two storey modular building (consisting of 32 modules) as part of the Port Kembla Coal Terminal Upgrade Project.

Scope of works includes;

  •                   Project Management
  •                   Concrete footings and piers
  •                   Construction of stairs

All workers and contractors were to adhere to strict health and safety procedures. At the completion of the project, Modular Movers received positive feedback from the Client regarding the health and safety of the overall project. The project was completed without a single incident onsite.

Due to the strict deadlines imposed by the Client, time management was very important during the installation of the buildings. Trucks were not permitted to sit on the side of road and wait, nor were they permitted onsite whilst another truck was being unloaded.

The final result is a visually pleasing, functional office complex that both met the requirements and exceeded the expectations of the Client. 



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